Saturday Match Previews of the Championship

Tomorrow will be an exciting day in football as the last day of the Championship season has many exciting matches. Out of the twelve matches that are to be played, nine of them have something riding on them.

Cardiff are playing Hull and a win could see Hull going up to the Premier League. However, Cardiff are a tough team but have nothing to play for so they may not give much, it all depends what sort of mood they are in. Watford will be playing Leeds and if they win and Hull do not, then they could go up instead. They have everything to play for and so it is likely that they could win. Whoever out of Hull and Watford does not get the promotion will get at least third place and meet Brighton in the play offs. Why not take a bet on a match using to make it even more exciting.

Championship preview

The two other places are being fought out between Crystal Palace, Bolton, Nottingham Forest and Leicester. Crystal Palace and Bolton are the Favourites. This will be quite complex with various combinations of wins losses and draws determining who will go through. You may need to go to FIFA’s page to get an idea of the current scores and what combinations might take certain teams through. It has been predicted that goal difference could play a part and if this is the case then it could see each team going for a high score, which could be exciting.

Wolves must beat Brighton if they want to avoid relegation and they need Barnsley and Peterborough to both lose their matches as well and have a five goal difference. Barnsley will be able to survive a drop if they beat Huddersfield. Sheffield Wednesday also need to win their game as do Millwall and Huddersfield.

It is all pretty complicated with a lot of places to play for. Sports fans are bound to be pinned to the sofa in front of the TV, catching the latest action on their mobile or listening on their radios or online to find out how their favourite teams are doing.  It can be a great time to place a bet with so much excitement in the matches and this will give you even more fun. Some results are easier to predict than others and so why not have a go and see whether you can get the results right.