Copa America 2011 – Argentina Vs Costa Rica 3-0 Highlights

Argentina hosting this year’s Copa America struggled at the first 2 encounters trying to find their form with their coach Sergio Baptista inventing new formations in order to accommodate certain players but it looks like it’s finally settled after they made a flamboyance performance against Costa Rica in their latest fixture.

If Argentina failed to win this match they would had been disqualified from the tournament but luckily for them they cruised to a 3-0 victory over Costa Rica with a magical performance by Lionel Messi.

Sergio Baptista’s squad was completely dominating the match with a infinite number of wasted chances on scoring by Gonzalo Higuain and Lavezzi. Costa Rica was obligated to defend for most of the entire match trying to pick out the passes of Messi and block the shots of the opposition.

Costa Rica somehow managed to deflect all the shots and maintain the scoreboard displaying 0-0 until the last minute of the first half when Fernando Gago took a long range shot and goalkeeper of Costa Rica Moreira gave a rebound which allowed Aguero to tap it into the net putting his team into the lead.

The restart of the match and it did not change as Argentina continued to charge upfront with Messi leading the attack it was only a matter of time until they found their 2nd goal.

And so they indeed scored the 2nd with Sergio Aguero after picking up the ball through a pass launched in by Messi and turning Aguero into the top goal scorer of the tournament it was more than obvious the confidence that Argentina had at this point and Costa Rica was helpless as all they could do was watch and somehow defend against some of the best player in the world.

Angel Di Maria finished the match off with his first goal of the tournament at the 63th minute and smashing the ball past Moreira and into net thus ending the match with a final score of 3-0.

With this match concluded Argentina proceed to the quarter-finals while Costa Rica have to wait until the next fixtures are played and the results to be published in order to see if they’re 3 points are enough.