Confederations Cup 2013 Brazil

The Confederations Cup is a chance for the hosts to develop a team ready for next year’s world cup under competition conditions. The probability and expectation of Brazil not conquering the field even on home soil will come as a relief for a Brazil national team that is rarely out of form. Nevertheless, the nation isn’t dampening down the party spirits and attempts at intimidation through love, sex and partying are as high spirited as ever. Their manager Luis Felipe Scolari has resorted to less conventional managerial methods and leaving it to the Gods, or rather a God of management techniques more suited for the boardroom than the football pitch by supplying every player with a copy of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’. Whether this is a misguided attempt to give an inside edge for their first game against Japan on June 15th is only speculation, although Brazil haven’t had a competitive game for nearly 2 years.

Confederations Cup 2013

Throughout the Confederations Cup Betathome will be running a number of exclusive promotions, the latest football free bet offers can be found by clicking the link. The two group set up at the Confederations Cup gives a balanced understanding of each team’s strengths and weaknesses, with major footballing nations having to prove themselves against opponents not normally in the same sphere. Only a lucky qualifying round in the World Cup for the likes of Tahiti or Nigeria, would see them playing against major competition such as Spain or Brazil, however it is seen as the norm in this competition. Indeed, if Tahiti manage to conquer their Nigerian opponents and manage a result against Uruguay (I’m suspecting their result against Spain will not be too glamorous) they will qualify to play against the winners of Group A, (and Italy is my guess for that one). The two games on Sunday 16th (Mexico v Italy, Spain v Uruguay) both have an interesting twist. Both have the fascination of South American v European talent, with a shake up to the usual set up of multilingual, multicultural club teams. We have to wait until the 17th to see the never seen before Tahiti team and I await that day eagerly. Their first chance to display their unique talents to the whole footballing world will be eagerly anticipated by many just out of sheer curiosity. After all, they could be the new Malta.

The first all South American game on the 19th June features Brazil v Mexico. After the nerves have settled this game should be one of pure quality from Brazil where they have the opportunity to smash another South American nation. This is a game that they have to win – it just isn’t optional. When the Brazilian government decides to make this and every other game that Brazil play in the Confederations Cup a national holiday, you can see how much football means. It won’t be until the 22nd that Brazil face their first real test of the competition. The fixture against 4 time world cup champions Italy will probably determine if they finish winners or runners-up of Group A and ultimately if they face Spain in the Semi-Finals.

The 3 teams that will be utterly ashamed of themselves as well as an embarrassment to their country if they don’t reach the Semi-Finals will be Brazil, Italy and Spain. The race for the final 4th place is between the best of the rest from Group B: Uruguay or Nigeria. However much I would like to see Tahiti progress, I just don’t see it happening. What I do see happening is Uruguay beating a defeated Brazil team in the 3rd place play offs, with a long road to before Scolari’s ultimate selection is the Selecao for World Cup 2014.


Winners: Spain

Runners Up: Italy

3rd Place Play Off: Uruguay