Champion League: The quest for the Championship begins

With Wembley Stadium playing host (again) to the Champion League this 2013 expect it to be more challenging and exciting as the route to 2013 Championship proves to be an uphill journey to all qualifiers. The quest is to win qualifying rounds and to advance to the semi-finals and then to the finals. The road seems to be as tough as teams face different challenges as the final draws near.

Factors like key absences, penalties and rankings can deteriorate any team’s hope and ambition to beat every opponent that comes close to cutting off them from the Championship road. From latest player’s performances, up to what each team can do and how far their ambitions can be reached can make a big difference on conquering the championship tasks. The winner has in the end must be able to endure all of these challenges.

There’s a good line up to start with to pick your bet to the championship. There’s the Arsenal who have been doing fantastic task during semi-final rounds. But Mainz is still not counting itself  out as it still have some good playing time to carry the team to championship road. The cards are still good with the Schalke as it has been trying to better off its standing. However, Bayers Munich with key men Javi Martines and Claudio’s continues absences may cloud its bet to the Championship but with Hodger’s news of giving full playing time may eventually put them back to the rims of the Championship.

Champion League

As long as it continues to show powerful momentum staying 15 points clear from Borussia Dortmund, expect Bayern Munich to stay on top of its record-breaking season’s performance. And there’s always Chelsea whose fans undaunted support openly help them to steal away the Cup. Chelsea may again do a repeat of their dramatic win as to put The Champion League on the top of football history. The Championship trophy is still a toast against the teams who will outdo each other. The real Madrid has its game on their sides alongside with Manchester United and the French PGS has been doing impressive performances with their last conquests.

Champion League Championship has gone underway and fans as early are cheering for their favorites. Who will win the Championship is the biggest question of the day and will continue until the final game is over. Fans of the Champion League from the Middle East and other Arabic-speaking countries  can found football news and more at this site: