5 Biggest Casino Losers – How to Make Sure That YOU Do Not Make It to the List

Gambling is a game of skill and luck combined together into a nifty little package, with a little more of no deposit casino bonus. This article thus explores this entertaining combo with certain examples to show you how luck or lack of skills got these people to the place where they are right now i.e. rock bottom. Moreover, how you can avoid being on a list like this, so, behold and read away this entertaining piece.

Biggest Casino Losers

  1. Terrence Watanabe: This man had such bad fortune and gambling skills, that he blew up a whopping amount of $204 million in a single year. That amount mounds up to some small country’s total economy.
  2. Maureen O’Connor: This lady used to be a physical exercise teacher and how she managed to loose around $1 billion in nine years is kind of unbelievable. But then we guess nothing is impossible in this entertaining world of ours.
  3. Akio Kashiwagi: Akio Kashiwagi is Japan’s bad boy who managed to lose $10.5 million in a single session of baccarat. He has some mighty loosing skills.
  4. Omar Siddiqui: Omar Siddiqui is one heck of a blackjack player and we quiet don’t understand his game. He used to place bets of $200,000 per hand in black jack and consequently lost around $65 million.
  5. Robert Maxwell: Robert Maxwell is no more but his legendary casino losses are here to remind us not to chase after our losses. He lost 1.5 million pounds in 3 minutes, which means that he lost around 800 pounds per second. That’s one hell of an expensive second!

Now the lesson to be learnt from these big losers is to set a limit, and stick to that limit. Exercise some self-control, and never be greedy and chase after losses.  So, all the gambling fans out there, write a note to yourselves right now to manage your bankrolls efficiently and smartly.