Tottenham v Everton – Postponed

Tottenham’s opening day clash with Everton has been postponed due to the London riots. There have been riots all across UK, but it was in Tottenham where it started and where the biggest damage was made. The Premier League confirmed today it wasn’t safe enough for the match to take place this weekend but it does seem like this is the only game to be called off.

Tottenham have realised that statement on their website, and confirm that the match has been postponed due to safety reasons, and due to local roads being closed, it would also be hard to transport to the stadium, which is walking distance from the devastating scenes we have seen over the the weekend.

Football players from the Everton side have tweeted, saying they are ‘gutted’ that the decision has been made, but also respect that safety is paramount. This is not the first game to be called off this week due to the riots, as England’s friendly with Holland as well as many Carling Cup first round matches were postponed too. Premier League chief executive does however, believe that it is very positive that all the remaining 9 Premier League matches will go ahead as the situation has improved.