The Premier League Top 6

Last season was an incredible season in the Premier League, as the whole league was as tight as it’s ever been. The bottom sides were taking points from the top sides, all the top sides were beating each other, and we witnessed a fantastic season. But I what I found most exciting last season was the ability the top 6 showed towards the end of the season, and all could potentially win the league this season.

Manchester United

Obviously Manchester United have a great chance of winning the league, with them being Champions and probably favourites to as well. They won the last season based on their home form where they dropped just two points all season. There away form was a worry for them, but managed to just about win the league. If they improve their away form this year,  then they have an outstanding chance of winning it, especially as they have bolstered their squad with new signings and interested in getting more.


Chelsea managed to be the closest challengers to United last season, and these two teams finished top 2 like they have since 2006. Chelsea now have a new ambitious manager, who had a fantastic season at Porto (sound like someone familiar?) and has fantastic players at his disposal so Chelsea will be strong contenders this season. If the likes of Torres can come back to his best, then Chelsea have a brilliant opportunity. Chelsea haven’t signed anyone yet, but if Modric is on his way, then Chelsea have captured a top class player.

Manchester City

Despite not having the best starts to the season, Manchester City were actually getting results without playing too well. They finished the season in fine form, getting 3rd in the league and winning the FA Cup, beating United in the process. City have bought a few players this season, but will need to replace Carlos Tevez who was instrumental in their success last season. City can go all the way this year in the league, if they manage to win more home games, and also take points off teams around them.


Arsenal were favourites to win the title during some parts last season, but crumbled in the last couple of months and finished another season trophy less. Some players have departed, but it seems Nasri and Fabregas are staying which is vital for them, as well as signing Gervinho. Arsenal finished 4th last season, despite being in the top 2 for large parts of the season. If they are consistent throughout the season, I can’t see why they cannot win the league.


Tottenham had a great season in 2009/2010 which earned them Champions League football which they did well to reach the quarters but then lost to Real Madrid. Tottenham challenged for 4th place but fell short. Tottenham have plenty of ability in their team, and perhaps didn’t focus on the league as much as the Champions League last season, which is why they dropped silly points in the Premier League. If they keep the likes of Bale and Modric, and perhaps sign some more faces then Tottenham have a great chance of progressing.


Despite having a season to forget for large parts of last season, Liverpool finished the season with some promise with Kenny Daglish in charge. Their form from his appointment was only beaten by Chelsea and Manchester United, so they feel they have enough about them to win their first league title since 1990. Strikers Suarez and Carrol up front looks a promising outlet and Liverpool have already signed exciting midfield players. If they carry on like they finished last season, then there is reason for optimism in the camp.

Ideally, a top four place would be great, but you never know what will happen.

As you can see, there is so much quality at the top of the table, and the matches between each of these teams will be vital. It promises to be an exciting season, and any of the top 6 teams who shows the most quality and consistency will win the league, and in this league, you always need a bit of luck too!