4 Times Your Feelings on Football were summed up on TV

Remember the beginning of summer 2018? You couldn’t step outside of the house or into a bar without hearing “Football’s Coming Home”, seeing a St. Georges Flag painted on a car or seeing Harry Kane’s face plastered across the TV. The whole country blew up into football fever, much to the chagrin of others.

If you were one of those people who really could not care less about the Premier League, World Cup, or anything that comes with it, this piece is for you. We’ve teamed up with Paddy Power Games Online and taken a look at times when TV has perfectly summed up how anti-football fans feel about the sport. Be sure to check them out!

Peep Show

Ever tried to play football around your athlete friends? Mark Corrigan sums it up perfectly in this cringe worthy clip from Peep Show, where in a desperate attempt to cozy up to Simon, Mark tries to join in a game of five aside, failing miserably and costing his side two goals within minutes.


IT Crowd

“Great, he’s kicked the ball”, couldn’t possibly be more appropriate for those of us who quite frankly couldn’t give a damn about what happens in a football match. In this episode, Moss and Roy get caught up pretending they’re real blokes, rather than the IT nerds they actually are, and end up having to carry the charade through a variety of ridiculous (and awkward) situations.


Family Guy

This hilarious Family Guy sketch courtesy of creator Seth Mcfarlane highlights the vast difference between American Football and European Football, as Stewie kicks the ball just once, earning himself a place in the Athletic Hall of Fame.


Mitchell & Webb Look


Proving Mitchell & Webb understand exactly how most of us feel about football, the brilliant piece parodies the ridiculously over-hyped nature of football commercials. From yelling about teams nobody cares about, to using hugely over the top hyperbole, this is how we’d imagine most people see commercials for upcoming events!

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