Arsenal Jan targets

After the mixed season that the Gunners are having, they have been linked with a host of names as the January transfer window opened earlier this month. We’re taking a look at some of these rumours and whether they hold any value/potential.

Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani

Linked with Arsenal for a while, social media and news sites claim that this is the month that Cavani will finally be a Gunner. Disappointed at playing out of position at PSG while being left out of their winter camp, speculation is rising everyday.

The Uruguayan would certainly be a top signing – he is a born goalscorer and a huge upgrade over any of Arsenal’s recognized strikers, but he’s also a very expensive target. Arsenal would have to break their transfer record to get him and whether that happens remains to be seen.

Suitability? 10/10

Likeliness? 5/10 - Maybe in the summer.

Loic Perrin


Another player from Ligue 1 who has been linked is ASSE captain and central defender, Loic Perrin. In light of Arsenal’s (annual) defensive crisis, the 29-year-old has been linked as a stop gap but experienced cover for the Gunners’ back four.

With reports of positive talks, it could be a signing that could very well happen in the next few days and one that would certainly plug some defensive holes.

Suitability? 7.5/10

Likeliness? 8/10

Krystian Bielik


One deal that is all but certain to happen could be Arsenal’s chase for Legia Warsaw’s 17-year-old, Krystian Bielik. A defensive midfielder – regarded as a wonderkid – the Polish player could very well slot in for Arsenal right away with Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere injured.

Rather than sign an established presence in the midfield, it looks like Arsene Wenger is preferring youth on this occasion with the latest reports stating that Arsenal’s £2m bid has been rejected.

Suitability? 6/10

Likeliness? 9.5/10 - Arsenal’s latest bid may have been rejected but expect the Gunners to seal the deal soon unless something drastic occurs.

Do you think any of these transfers will happen? Let us know!

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Sports Betting

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There’s More Than One Type of Football – Expand Your Horizons and Win Big!

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Betting On An Exciting Premier League Opener?

After a summer with European football sidelined and the World Cup taking centre stage, the Premier League is back and ready to kick off again. Opening weekend is only a few days away, beginning the roadmap of a season for every club in the Premier League.

For Manchester City, winners of the 2013-2014 season, opening weekend is all about setting the stage to improve their odds of defending their title. For every other team in the league, winning on opening weekend is the chance to show that trades and movements throughout the offseason were smart bets that will pay off throughout the year.

Premier League

Many teams spent the better part of the offseason arranging these transfers, betting on online news reported about big name players. Some of the players in transfer even played in the World Cup earlier this summer, and their performance on the global stage impacted their demand in the Premier League or other European football leagues.

In between signing players to or from different football teams, many clubs are also preparing for the next chapter in historic team rivalries. The Manchester rivalry could be very interesting, given that the Premier League trophy remained in the city over the last three seasons – Man City in 2012 and 2014, Manchester United in 2013.

Man Utd v Man City

Other teams will be betting on their chances of taking the trophy away from Manchester, with teams like Chelsea or Liverpool having the best odds of holding the two Manchester teams in check. The Champions League may also impact what’s in store for the Premier League this season. Teams that qualified for European competition will divide their focus between the two leagues, which could also affect which team finishes at the top of the Premier League standings.

The opening match kicks off on Saturday August 16 between Man U and Swansea City, with much more to come. By the end of the weekend, it could be clear which teams look like they made the right bets on players and which teams could be in trouble over the long run.

Resurrection of Robben

How it could have gone differently. You could say 2012 was Arjen Robben heading towards the twilight of his career.

Not only did he miss crucial penalties in the finals of the German Cup and the Champions League which Bayern Munich went on to lose but it only added to the disappointment of 2010 where Robben went missing in another Champions League final while he also missed a golden opportunity to help Holland win the World Cup in the final.


The scene of him moodily leaving the pitch during Germany’s eventual 2-1 win over Holland in Euro 2012 was symbolic as his own fans were wondering what had happened to the enigmatic Dutchman who simply couldn’t perform when it mattered the most. 1990 World Cup winner, Thomas Berthold even said at the time that he ‘feared for Robben’s state of mind, where things are decided in the subconscious.’

The 2012/2013 season saw Robben relegated to the Bayern bench, confined to cameo appearances. While Robben started games in the dugout, the likes of Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller were having outstanding seasons while Franck Ribery had his personal best season where he eventually got nominated in the top three for the Ballon d’Or. It had seemed the mentally frail Dutchman was only going to decline from here on out.

That was until opportunity knocked. In April 2013, Kroos suffered a season ending injury in the quarterfinals against Juventus. By that time, the Bundesliga was virtually wrapped up so the Bavarians were fully focused on the German Cup and the Champions League. Was Robben going to redeem himself? You bet.

Looking revitalized, it was Robben’s performances which played a key role in Bayern securing the treble in 2013. With a goal and two assists in the German Cup 6-1 semifinal win over Wolfsburg, Robben went on to score two goals in the semifinal legs over Barcelona – a resounding 7-0 win on aggregate.

But it was in the final of the Champions League where Robben would finally exorcise his demons. After providing the assist for Mario Mandzukic’s opener, Robben went on to score the winner in the 90th minute and with that, ecstasy and tears of joy followed.

“You don’t want the stamp of a loser. There was all the disappointment of last year but I personally also had the World Cup. That was three finals. Tonight I scored the goal. We did it and we can forget about the other things,” Robben said after the final.

Robben continued his fine form into the 2013/2014 season, scoring 21 goals in 45 games as Bayern went on to win the double as well as the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

It wasn’t going to end there – while the Dutchman couldn’t help his country win the 2014 World Cup, he certainly proved many people wrong as Holland finished 3rd in Brazil. Robben was a key man with 3 goals, an assist, 3 man of the match awards and scoring twice in two penalty shootouts.

After a dreadful 2012, Robben has now won the elusive Champions League and is an undisputed starter for club and country – the story of his redemption is a remarkable one.